Monday, March 1, 2010

I may be in the D-A-W-G house.

After five days at my brother's I was happy to crawl home. It was a wonderful vacation but there's no place like home. :)

I came in and said my usual "Hi Pookie!" as I started my multiple trips in from the car. (My brother is a very generous, wonderful, individual, but he's still a BACHELOR and his house proves it!) I got everything in, locked the car, locked the door behind me, took off my boots and went looking for a rabbit.

The bunny who was sitting in recline in the master bedroom sat up as I approached and her ears flattened. Uh oh. So I turned tail (so to speak!) and went and fetched a piece of papaya. I made sure to make the "treat!" noise as I went back down the hallway.

She met me at the door and very daintily took the piece of papaya from my hand (Thank you Lisa!!) and turned and hopped back to her favourite lounging spot. Phew, I may not be dead meat. She then turns her butt to me. Uh-oh. She then wiggles her butt and kicks a pootie right at me. Have we discussed Sage's amazing aim with thrown objects recently? Her ability with kicked apparently is as good, she nailed me right in the forehead and then hopped under the bed.

After unpacking, etc, I decided it was nap time. Sleeping on my bed instead of my brother's couch was nice.. Snore, snore, snore. I half woke up at one point to a small warm fuzzy lying against my back. When I woke up for real the spot behind me was still warm. When I got out of bed, she stopped in mid-hop to ear flatten at me. I said "I love you too, shnookie bear!" and decided it was computer time. :)

I suspect, however, someone will be getting a second piece of papaya tonight before bed so I'm allowed in my own room. ;)