Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh deer.

The Nanaimo deer are right cheeky little buggers.

Okay, so they were here first, I'll grant them that. And they do politely stand by the side of the road for cars to stop and let them across .. well, until they get tired of waiting and then just walk anyway.

Today I got home from the mall (the wrong mall, but more on that lower), and drove into the driveway to see a female (or first year male) nibbling on Mum's heather. I got out of the car, she twitched an ear in my general direction but that was about it. I was probably about twenty feet away.

"Oi, there!" I say and start walking towards her to shoo her away. "If you were nibbling on the cedars I'd let it go - they're pretty ugly. But as Scottish born, I have to defend my nation's plant." Well, probably the thistle is our plant, but shh, what does a deer know?

By this point I'm pretty darn close. I could probably reach out and with a quick lunge, grab an ear. The deer finally looks up at me warily. I say "Well?" She shakes her head and bounces away. Now, most would think this is typical deer antics, but as a bunny slave in waiting, I know better. I recognize that gleeful headshake and binky bounce when I see it. I KNOW the saucy herbivore is laughing at me!  I call after her "I could like venison, you know!"

She just flicked her tail in my general direction, not slowing down as she hit the sidewalk, skipping away. Cheeky bugger.

Ignore the stained shirt. :D Today was laundry day and that's one of the ones fished out of my dryer post-fire.

The quest today was to do some shopping for necessities to hopefully recover the data from the hard drives that survived the fire. (Survived being a loose term.) I also wanted to pick up some other odds and sods. I thought London Drugs was in one mall and everything else at the other. I tossed a coin and decided I'd data fetch and do the rest another day. So off I go, to discover I had been wrong - London Drugs was at the OTHER mall, along with Sears and Zellers and.. Oh buggar.

So I did what any bunny slave in waiting would do at a mall 30 minutes before closing. I bought a bunny hat and a Tim Horton's coffee.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year bunny friends!

I'm out staying with my parents on Vancouver Island again. My first trip, I came over and stayed for five days so my brother could have his home to himself for a while. It was weird, every time I walked into the main room in the basement I looked to Sage's corner to see if she was okay. Of course, there was no Sage for me to see. My Mum was on "Operation save the plushies." I'd pulled a few plush toys from the house which she'd managed to rescue from stench and stains, so I'd gone back and retrieved several more. One of this was Miss Plushie Bunny, Sage's friend and nemesis. I plonked her down in Sage's corner and I no more looked for the live bunny each trip in and out. 

My Mum thought Miss Plushie Bunny looked awfully lonesome in the corner, so as the other plushes were rescued from their spa treatments (15 rounds through the washer) she started plunking them down. Miss Plushie Bunny is now surrounded by sheepies, and bears, and a dog and.. :)

This trip it's my brother and I. He's staying for a couple days before heading back to the mainland. (As the islanders call the Vancouver area and beyond ;) I'll be staying here through most of January before (OMG, HOPEFULLY!) getting my own place once more. Yup, Insurance Adjuster is still dragging his feet. On the plus side, housing (apartments) in Chilliwack may potentially be within my financial reach, in the very area I wanted to live in previously. So there is a bright spot in the clouds. Lets hope it sticks around for long enough.

Three years ago I participated in a secret Santa exchange and my secret Santa sent me ornaments of Scout and Sage. Last Christmas I dropped the Scout ornament and it shattered. I cried my eyes out, it hadn't been *that long* since Scout had hopped off to the bridge and it was on top of a whole bunch of other "everything is falling apart" events. I posted to the PB list to whinge, and my secret Santa from the year before sent me a new Scout ornament along with a Fric ornament. (My Foster). I cried again, this time at the heart and caring of PB people. To many it would have been "just a stupid ornament" but the new one was not only a remembrance of my beloved little heart bunny, but of the wondrousness of bunny people.

After the fire, my secret Santa (Nancy, shhh ) sent me a new Scout and Sage ornaments. She said she didn't know if the "old" ones had survived the fire or not, but even if they had, she felt they'd make me smile. My brother said it was the longest and biggest smile he'd seen on my face since the fire. Those two ornaments, along side the others on my parents tree now, sum up the wonder that is both bunnies and the people who love them.

And I'm honoured and overjoyed to know you all. I hope you all have happiness and love in 2011!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Still Here!

I'm still here!

I've been staying with my brother in Langley. He's been remarkably long suffering about his little sister living in his dining room and infecting his bathrooms with GIRL STUFF.

The insurance company was very cooperative and communicative up until last week and then my messages stopped being answered. Very frustrating. I got my "preliminary" cheque from the, which took nine days to reach me (apparently it's harder to get a cheque 35 km/s than it is from Vancouver, BC to Denmark. That only took four days.) and of course, my bank has a hold on it. (Can't really blame them on that one.)  I haven't decided if I'll be buying or renting. Both have a lot of attraction, but if I buy an apartment I'll probably be back to living hand to mouth.. but I'll also have an investment.

It's amazing how much life a little dutch diva brings to a home. When my brother's out at work I start feeling awfully hollow and lonely. No life around me. I end up going out to the stores to window shop and just have humanity around me. I do have a winter jacket and boots now.

I've gotten to meet an internet met friend twice now. Sas who runs was part of a Flemish bunny rescue. For those not in the know, Flemmies are very big bunnies. A small Flemmie is about 17lbs. So you can imagine my heaven at getting to meet 21 very friendly, very happy, puppy-bunnies. Most of these rabbits were kept in tiny cages as meat bunnies and had zero socializing. Yet, they were happy to get head pets and follow you around and let you nuzzle them. Not to mention I got to pet my very first Rex - oh that velvet fur!! I think I am partial to the silky, soft, fur (satin) that Sage had on her neck. (Her white fur was satin, her silver normal) but I may be a tad biased! Two visits to bunny nirvana.. And Sas is every bit as wonderful as her buns.

It's amazing the floatsam than piled up in my car because I was too lazy to move things into the house. Seventy-five percentage of my wool, some of my knitting needles, my old jean jacket that my Mum had sewn patches on. (And by old, I mean high school!) The pacific ocean sea water that I'd collected for a friend but have become attached to. The Rose Alarm (a friend's band) concert poster.

The clothes I'd 'rescued' were a write-off. My Mum tried to save some of my plush toys (Unfortunately, half the cast of my webcomic were lost) but they're still very smokey scenting even after a good dry cleaning. Crossing my fingers that they can air out on the patio, where they've been exiled to. (It's covered, so they won't be rained on.)

Everyone keeps offering me rabbits. ("Oh, let me buy you a new rabbit" "Have you got a new rabbit yet? I have this rescue..") And I'm just not ready for a new pet. The next pet may even be a cat - something completely different. I appreciate the sentiments but wish that people would just leave off it.

On a yet another tangent.. I got to meet a Gus clone and pet his nose for a good ten minutes. He was almost as good at disapproving looks as our beloved Gus!

I haven't decided what I'll be doing with the blog.. Maybe posting old Scout and/or Sage stories that went to the petbunny list. But I'm sure I'll be around in some form or another. :)

Stay safe!