Thursday, October 29, 2009

Radiating Disapproval!

The last few days, every time I turn around from playing on the computer.. I see THAT. I check her water, her hay, her pellets.. everything is fine. I talk to her, she ignores me. I come near her, she runs off and hides. I have no idea what's going on in her fuzzy brain other than maybe she's lonely.

Well, isn't it a good thing Petbunny always provides?

A couple years ago, a petbunny list member named Jane took in two bunnies from a park. They were feral, unfriendly and unhappy. Jane wasn't really happy to have them as she had a full household at the time, but named them Fric and Frac and gave them the best home she was able. As Jane's health worstened, she finally said she can't take care of them anymore.. find them a home or they go to the nearest shelter. None of the no-kill shelters or bunny rescues were willing to take them, so their life expectancy wasn't so good.

I, being the complete sap I am, said I'd take them. Sage is by herself and lets face it, she's not a human friendly bunny. While she tolerates me, and is even affection when I'm sick, she perfers lagomorphic kind. Scout could take or leave other bunnies, but Sage likes having fuzzies to boss around.. er, mother. So, Lisa, who lives near (ish) Jane went and picked them up and took them to her vet. The two girl bunnies who fought, turned out to be two boy bunnies who were just ("just") mite infested. Poor things. Fric, the more timid of the two, was so terrified of humans he almost keeled over when he was picked up to be examined. Frac, the planner, just kept screaming every time he was touched. :(

From Lisa, they went on to Cindy's, where she has been treating them and playing with them. She says they're quite friendly now, and have her well trained in treat dispursement.

I have yet to work out how to tell the difference between them, but I'm hoping Cindy or Lisa can fill me in. At current time, Fric is the one missing the most fur. That's from the mites leaving. Apparently every day his skin gets less scaley. It'll grow back with the next fur growth. (Bunny fur doesn't grow non-stop like human hair.)

Once they're healthy (and they seem to be fairly healthy excluding the mites and general dehydration) they will be snipped and shipped up here so Sage can choose a boyfriend or two. The two seem to get on well enough with each other as unfixed males, so hopefully it'll last through a neuter.. but if not, I'm fully prepared to have three rabbits in different parts of my house until one or both is rehomed with loving families.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


This morning I was woken up by Sage destroying things under the bed. Since she has a small platoon of toys under there this never drastically worries me but I occassionally check it is cardboard or wood she's decimating, not the carpet. This involves me hanging upside down off the side of the rather high queen sized bed and looking under. Sage came over to investigate and gave my arm a nose bonk. (Bunny bonk of affection) I was tickled pink and went about my day.

Then this evening after I had a shower I went into the other bedroom to get some socks. (Yes, I change bedrooms with the seasons, but it takes me months to move socks and things to the master bedroom and vice versa.) Sage normally, if she's in there, will dive under the nearest piece of furniture as soon as I enter the room. This time, she just sat beside the closet and watched me put on socks. Feeling chatty, I lay down on the much lower spare bed and had a usual one-sided conversation with her.

She hopped over and started sniffing my face, then gave my forehead a quick lick before she disappeared under the bed. Apparently completely embarassed she'd groom a HOOMAN. I gave her a craisin to help her get the taste of hooman cooties out of her mouth.

Maybe my little dutch princess likes me after all ;)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sage's Birdie

What did my beloved little bunny wish for on her birthday? Why, what makes her happiest.. an animal to rescue and nurse!

Battling it out with my printer I decided to go out to my parents to test it on their system, if it failed there too, I’d bury it. So I pack up various electronics and almost trip over a rabbit at the door. What noise does a bird in distress make? I have no idea, but apparently my rabbit knows, because she wouldn’t let me out the door without letting her out. Having learnt from the LAST time, I made her put on her harness and out we went.

There was a birdie on the lawn. I had camera in hand so I took a picture of the birdie as Sage dragged me down the steps. I took another couple of pictures while Sage crept up on the birdie. Poor birdie hopped away, probably thinking Sage was a cat. It didn’t even try to use its wings. Oh wonderful, I thought, she’s found another wounded animal.

Deciding I didn’t want a cat getting the poor thing, I tossed Sage back in the house (She was most unamused), grabbed a cardboard box and stalked a poor little wild birdie .. through the bracken and bushes. Finally caught him in the box and brought him inside, gave him a dish of water and went down to the corner store and picked up some bird seed. If he was an insect eater, he was S.O.L, ‘cause I was NOT digging for worms!!

Sage sat beside the kitchen table, periscoped the whole time the birdie was up there. I transferred him to the small bunny cage (“The glorified guinea pig cage”) and he sat down on the newspaper with a chirp. Watching him not move either wing, I was thinking maybe he broke his keel bone. Anyway, so he sat there and I decided to leave him be, absence would probably make him a bit happier to eat/drink without a human about. I phoned my vet to ask if he had any advice, he said chances are if I caught it, it wouldn’t live much longer and all I can really do is make it comfortable.

About thirty minutes Sage started thumping up a storm, I came back to find that the birdie I’d been calling “Yimmer” had passed away. I picked Sage up to see into the cage and she sighed and wiggled out of my hands to get back on the chair beneath the table and then hopped off to go lie under the bed in the spare bedroom. I took Yimmer out and buried him in the back yard.

So not the best birthday all around for poor Sagie.

Sage's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Sage Boo-Boo Bear!!

'Twas a dark and stormy night.. No, wait, that's how SCOUT came into my life. Let's see.. How did Sage come into my life? Oh, yeah.. I fell for that "Bunnies are happier in pairs!" routine. So the same day Scout got spayed, she got a friend. She was just THRILLED I tell you. Or maybe she was just stoned on all the painkillers. Either way.

Sage was left at the Chilliwack SPCA in a box at the gate as a kit. The problem with this was she was left, probably with litter mates and mother, hours before the SPCA opened. By the time they opened Sage was the only one left. She was raised in the cat room. (Which, really, explains why she's such a nutter.) The SPCA aren't judgemental, they aren't demanding, if you have to abandon your pet and you can't afford the drop off fee.. lie, anything, don't leave your animal to die in a box.

Anyway. I met her, she looked at me, went back to grooming her cute little two month old self, and that's pretty much our relationship since.

So, Sage the princess bunny came to live with me. She was very well behaved and a complete sweetheart up until she was about six months old.. then the teens hit and she's been a bratty teen age, moody snot, of a bunny since. :D

At the age of seven months, she would hop into the middle of the living room, thump her foot to get my and Scout's attention, and then flop over on herside with a thud and sigh. Any one who has ever met a teenage female human knows *that* sigh. Fortunately, she grew out of the melodrama, but she's still grumpy and moody as any sixteen year old girl at the grand old age of four. :)

Her present is a salad served this morning under the bed and my ignoring her completely for the rest of the day. What more could a bunny want? ;)