Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sage, the friendmaker.

I'm going to stay with my brother for a few days and the debate was whether to bring the heathen with me or not. Edith, half of the land management team is an animal lover.. (spoiler!!) .. and offered to look after her for me. I decided to take Sage over there to meet her and get Sage's opinion.

Sage likes kids, doesn't like adults. I wasn't expecting much. However, Edith is 4'9.. apparently Sage considers that a kid, because as soon as I walked in the door she was trying to get at Edith and as soon as she was in Edith's arms promptly stuck her head under Edith's chin and started tooth purring. Edith was tickled pink to stand pet the bunny for thirty minutes while my spoiled little diva was happy to be pet.

Yeah. I think she'll be fine. I'm not sure, however, she'll want me back again as her slave..

Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympic Wins.

Olympic Wins

To me it's not about medals. Would I like to see Canada take number one in the medal rankings on our own soil? Of course I would, however, it's not terrible realistic. The U.S, Germany, both have ten times out population and resources. Finland, Sweden, Switzerland have centuries of practice ahead of us. However, we can try our best, be good hosts and try our personal bests and that's a win. We want to share out beautiful city and country, we want to show the world who we are and what we're about. We're not about being showy, we're about being Canadian.

A win to me is being Canadian and showing the world what that means. Being Canadian is our figure skating pair (whose names I failed to record and it's not on CTV's site yet!) showing up at Robson Square to skate with the public. The female half gave skating lessons to some kids while the male half gave the kids airplane spins. They did some demonstrations with smiles on their faces since they were obviously having *fun* and not just doing a public stunt. That's Canada, that's Canadians.

There's always room at the table for one more, there's always some instruments being played in the kitchen, and there's always a helping hand. We won't carry you, we'll help you get back on your feet. We won't hate, hurt and hit, but we will defend with enthusiasm. We're good-humoured, we're sharing, and we love our neighbours. Even Torontonians. Heck, say something nice and we'll probably even share our beer, explain curling and invite you to skate on the backyard rink. (Well, outside of the pacific south-wet where they actually have winters and backyard rinks.)

We'll sit on the edge of our seats and pray for gold in hockey (Women's AND Men's!) and we'll cheer each and everything athlete who stands on the podium. The world's success is our success. And heck, our Olympic village is one million dollar condos.. Top that Russia!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello Gluten, my old friend.

After several months of gluten free, I'm pretty much where I started. The short version is I have all the symptoms of malnutrition; hair loss, weight loss no matter what I eat, irritable bowel syndrome, feeling exhausted twenty minutes after I eat, etc etc. It all seems to be fat related. The advantage of gluten-free was I was ingesting a lot less fat so I felt better for quite a while, however, once I figured out the 'bad' foods I could still eat.. back came all the problems.

So, bread is back on my list, but without marge or butter or mayo, I'm not quite sure what the point is. Ooo.. wait.. I can start going to Subway again.. Wooohooo!

What this means to Sage (after all, this IS a blog about Sage!) is that .. no more potato or corn chips. While Doritos don't affect me too heavily, they do affect me. And the 'cleaner' my system gets, the better I feel so when I have something I shouldn't, the worse I feel relatively. Poor bunny will just have to make do with papaya treats in the near future.

Me, I'm thinking cheeseless pizza..

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Things I call Sage.

Still no working camera. So you get text once more. Just picture in your minds a beautiful silver and white Dutch flopped on her side.. giving her human 'the ear' for disturbing her nap with rapid fire typing. See? No camera needed.

I was talking to Sage this morning as I was trying to work out if she was chewing on one of her cardboard pieces under the bed, the carpet or just digging a tunnel to China. (I will eventually move the queensized bed and look.) I realized that the only times I really call her Sage is when I'm trying to get her attention. Typically "What are you doing Sage?" or "Sage, if you don't stop that.." It's about then I realized I have turned into my mother. My mother called me "Missy Chrissy" for years, I got "Lorna" when I was in trouble or it was a serious matter to be discussed.

Sage has a plethera of names; the most common is "Boo". Also "Sage-a-lina" is common for her habit of adopting every injured creature in existance, from abandoned kitties, to injured birds, to three legged spiders. (I kid you not.) The list, which is far from inclusive, would go something like the following:

Boo, Princess Perriwinkle, Princess Fuzzybutt, Princess Fluffytail, Sage-a-lina, Sagey, Sagey-Wagey (which ALWAYS gets flattened ears), Funky Furry Fuzzy Girl, Pookie, Miss Sage-a-licious, Dutch Princess, Mistress of Destruction, Queen Domain Bunny, DAaaaaAAANG RABBIT! (You'll have to picture your own Yosemite Sam accent on that one), Love-a-bunny, Squooshy Nose, Lady Twitchynose, and on the most depserate of occasions.. Sage.

Its a lot of names for a little bunny, but she's worthy of them all. ;)