Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sage Disapproves!

My darling, grumpy, Dutch bunny appeared on Disapproving Rabbits on friday!

It's true, while I was driving the 1200+ kms back from Dawson Creek, my lounging bunny was showing her disapproval around the world! It's so hard for her to live with such a untrainable human. Why, just this morning she had to sit and stare at her human for twenty minutes before the human finally figured out what she wanted. (Fresh rose bush twig, she'd chewn the last one to shreds.)

This was taken down at the Lake last week. The travel carrier was buried in the shed and I had a fit of enthusiasm failure to dig it out so I plunked Sage on the passenger seat and told her that Mommy's often do things they shouldn't - like have an animal lose for a five minute drive. Sage just sat on her hindpaws and watched the world go by, not bothered at all. Makes me wish I could let her hang out like that on longer drives, but if I got in an accident, she'd be toast. :(

Sage had fun trying to eat people's lawns, playing with the kids and freaking out whenever an adult tried to come near her. For whatever reason my silly bunny loves kids and hates adults. It's not like she was abused as a kit, I got her when she was ~4 months old. Well, besides the hopelessness of me and having to live with Scout.. but I don't think either *really* count as abuse, just irritating :)

Click on the pic to see the high-res version :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's my birthday!

September 23rd, 1975 an angel was born.

Coincedently, so was I.

Have a picture of a bunny at the lake. :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I walk into the master bedroom. “Hi Goofybutt.” I say to the throw rug that looks suspiciously rabbit like.

She sits up and THUMPS, ears flattened.

“Oh, I’m sorry..” I say, looking down at her. “Hi PRINCESS Goofybutt.”

She shakes her head in bunny glee and flops back down. It’s hard to keep a human in line, y’know.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nurse Sage.

Last night I went from feeling 'kinda grungy' to full on out flu. At one point I gave up walking back and forth from my bedroom down the hall and just pulled my comforter into the bathroom and slept on the floor. I woke up at one point to Sage nose bonking me. I told her I'm okay (I'm such a liar) and she snorted and backed out of the bathroom. I'm not sure how long she sat in the hallway watching me, probably right up until the next round of loud, unusual, noises.

I typically sleep in the spare bedroom. Its a smaller bed, softer and closer to the ground so it's easier for me to get in and out of. It's only when I'm sick do I sleep in the master bedroom and the ginormous, high, queen sized bed. Some point after dawn me and my comforter (that looks like two rabbits used it as their favourite chew toy) crawled into the master bedroom.It's right beside the bathroom. A very important consideration.

I woke up a few times to stumble back to the bathroom and go back to bed. One of my trips back to bed, possibly around 10:00, I found a small pile of hay on my pillow. I picked it up to move it to the bedside table when I spotted a little white nose peering from the far side of the bed. She was stretched almost as tall as she could to see over the bed, paws resting on the covers. So, I pretended to eat some hay and lay down. Sage did a happy bunny head toss and clambered up on the bed to meatloaf at the small of my back.

As far as nurses go, she's not a terrible one even if she doesn't quite understand this whole vomitting thing. (Bunnies can't vomit once food hits their stomach) She has yet to once say 'Eh, its not gushing blood or broken, you'll live.'

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yesterday I went down to Seattle to meet up with a long time internet friend for -

No, Sage, I didn't bring Princess blueberries. .. Because, Sage, I was running late on the way down and I came back past their home at ~12:30am. .. I know *Princess* would still have been awake, but I don't think her humans would have been. .. Yes, humans do matter! .. They do! .. They do! .. They, oh never mind. Go back to staring at the wood stove for no apparent reason.

ANYWAY. I went down to Seattle for the day. Had a fantastic time with my friend, had dinner at the Space Needle with an amazing view of the city in the night air and full moon. When I came home I found Sage's water bowl almost empty and her pellet dish just crumbs of former pellets and the bottom also visable.

Both were full when I left at 0700. In eighteen hours she'd decimated both. Normally a bowl of pellets last her a couple days or more, depending on her hay fetish. I just free feed pellets since I found she only gets piggy when I ration them. I looked in the cage and said "Are you trying to make me feel guilty?" Of course, there was no answer since she was no where in sight.

I refilled the bowls and went into my room to stumble to bed and saw a certain grey silver and white Dutch sprawled on my bed. She looked up at me with an ear twitch. I swear the bunny thought bubble was "Oh you? You've decided to grace me with your presence have you?"

I fixed her wagon tho, I said "Awww.. look who's so CUTE! Definitely needs a big HUG and a KISS!"

She beat a quick retreat under the bed with a thump.