Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sage Disapproves!

My darling, grumpy, Dutch bunny appeared on Disapproving Rabbits on friday!

It's true, while I was driving the 1200+ kms back from Dawson Creek, my lounging bunny was showing her disapproval around the world! It's so hard for her to live with such a untrainable human. Why, just this morning she had to sit and stare at her human for twenty minutes before the human finally figured out what she wanted. (Fresh rose bush twig, she'd chewn the last one to shreds.)

This was taken down at the Lake last week. The travel carrier was buried in the shed and I had a fit of enthusiasm failure to dig it out so I plunked Sage on the passenger seat and told her that Mommy's often do things they shouldn't - like have an animal lose for a five minute drive. Sage just sat on her hindpaws and watched the world go by, not bothered at all. Makes me wish I could let her hang out like that on longer drives, but if I got in an accident, she'd be toast. :(

Sage had fun trying to eat people's lawns, playing with the kids and freaking out whenever an adult tried to come near her. For whatever reason my silly bunny loves kids and hates adults. It's not like she was abused as a kit, I got her when she was ~4 months old. Well, besides the hopelessness of me and having to live with Scout.. but I don't think either *really* count as abuse, just irritating :)

Click on the pic to see the high-res version :)

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