Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello Gluten, my old friend.

After several months of gluten free, I'm pretty much where I started. The short version is I have all the symptoms of malnutrition; hair loss, weight loss no matter what I eat, irritable bowel syndrome, feeling exhausted twenty minutes after I eat, etc etc. It all seems to be fat related. The advantage of gluten-free was I was ingesting a lot less fat so I felt better for quite a while, however, once I figured out the 'bad' foods I could still eat.. back came all the problems.

So, bread is back on my list, but without marge or butter or mayo, I'm not quite sure what the point is. Ooo.. wait.. I can start going to Subway again.. Wooohooo!

What this means to Sage (after all, this IS a blog about Sage!) is that .. no more potato or corn chips. While Doritos don't affect me too heavily, they do affect me. And the 'cleaner' my system gets, the better I feel so when I have something I shouldn't, the worse I feel relatively. Poor bunny will just have to make do with papaya treats in the near future.

Me, I'm thinking cheeseless pizza..


  1. Have you looked into Crohn's Disease? My dad has it and it is similar to what you are describing... just a thought.

  2. Hi Jamie!

    I was actually tested for Chron's / Colitis .. gosh, eight years ago. Nada. The last Gastro specialist basically said "Never eat fat again, deal." .. Which isn't an acceptable answer to me!