Thursday, October 29, 2009

Radiating Disapproval!

The last few days, every time I turn around from playing on the computer.. I see THAT. I check her water, her hay, her pellets.. everything is fine. I talk to her, she ignores me. I come near her, she runs off and hides. I have no idea what's going on in her fuzzy brain other than maybe she's lonely.

Well, isn't it a good thing Petbunny always provides?

A couple years ago, a petbunny list member named Jane took in two bunnies from a park. They were feral, unfriendly and unhappy. Jane wasn't really happy to have them as she had a full household at the time, but named them Fric and Frac and gave them the best home she was able. As Jane's health worstened, she finally said she can't take care of them anymore.. find them a home or they go to the nearest shelter. None of the no-kill shelters or bunny rescues were willing to take them, so their life expectancy wasn't so good.

I, being the complete sap I am, said I'd take them. Sage is by herself and lets face it, she's not a human friendly bunny. While she tolerates me, and is even affection when I'm sick, she perfers lagomorphic kind. Scout could take or leave other bunnies, but Sage likes having fuzzies to boss around.. er, mother. So, Lisa, who lives near (ish) Jane went and picked them up and took them to her vet. The two girl bunnies who fought, turned out to be two boy bunnies who were just ("just") mite infested. Poor things. Fric, the more timid of the two, was so terrified of humans he almost keeled over when he was picked up to be examined. Frac, the planner, just kept screaming every time he was touched. :(

From Lisa, they went on to Cindy's, where she has been treating them and playing with them. She says they're quite friendly now, and have her well trained in treat dispursement.

I have yet to work out how to tell the difference between them, but I'm hoping Cindy or Lisa can fill me in. At current time, Fric is the one missing the most fur. That's from the mites leaving. Apparently every day his skin gets less scaley. It'll grow back with the next fur growth. (Bunny fur doesn't grow non-stop like human hair.)

Once they're healthy (and they seem to be fairly healthy excluding the mites and general dehydration) they will be snipped and shipped up here so Sage can choose a boyfriend or two. The two seem to get on well enough with each other as unfixed males, so hopefully it'll last through a neuter.. but if not, I'm fully prepared to have three rabbits in different parts of my house until one or both is rehomed with loving families.

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