Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

On the the fourth mother's day, my bunnies gave to me.. The same thing as every year before, attitude. As gifts go, it really isn't a bad one. Its a gift that says "We're happy and we're healthy." I find Sage in particular is only really affectionate when one of us is ill or injured; typically me.

My parents came round to pick up the automatic window switch for my Sidekick that isn't automaticing. Somehow on Mother's Day my mother ended up mowing my lawn while my Dad weedwacked it. All I did was try and keep Sage out of trouble while she got her romp in the yard for the first time in days. I couldn't find where I'd stashed her leash before my last showing and didn't find it again until this afternoon. In the crockpot, where else would I have put it? The sad thing is, I checked the rice cooker more than once in my multitude of searches.

Sage wasn't much up for hopping. I'm not sure if it was all the people around, the strange noises in HER yard, or just if it was a lazy bunny day. I tried again in the evening when it was once more just the two of us, but all she wanted to do was lie on the grass. Fine with me, I watched hummingbirds for half an hour until my butt was sore from sitting on the ground and my leg was starting to twitch. I said if she wasn't going to hop, I was going inside. Since I'm a big meanie, she has to come inside when I do. Sage may be a big tough bunny as bunnies go, but she's still a prey animal, I don't let her out of my grab range.

Most of the doggies around here are used to me smelling of rabbit, used to seeing her and mixes there in between, but still, why press my luck? I want her around to give me attitude again next Mother's day.

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