Monday, January 25, 2010

A Review of Resolve Carpet Cleaner.

Re: Resolve Three in One Carpet Cleaner.

Wow. Just Wow. Bunny pee is notoriously hard to get out of carpet, especially after it's dried. Vinegar + water will sometimes clean it out, but often not. Products for cat and dog pee don't seem to work on bunny urine; perhaps the enzymes are made for carnivore acidicity or something.

Phyllis O'Beollain, the lady who writes the small animal blog over at the Dayton Ohio Examiner, recently posted an article about Resolvbe Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner. I was pretty cynical about how well it could possible work. Yesterday I went in to wash the sheets in the spare bedroom and discovered what a mess Fric had left me.

He'd been housed in the spare bedroom for a couple of days *at most* but in that time he'd managed to soak the spare bed AND the carpet underneath. In the weeks since the mattress has started to mold. I'd wondered why my allergies were worse than usual but there'd be no smell from the room so it wasn't until I was pulling off the sheets I realized. HOW a male rabbit managed to pee with no scent is beyond me, Sage could learn from him! But, needless to say, there was one heck of a mess to be cleaned up.

The bed is a write-off. It irritates me since it's such a comfortable bed, but it was my Nanna's before me and its certainly far from new. The carpet was gross. There's just no other word. Remembering the article, I decided I had nothing to lose and went and paid the $4.69 (plus tax) for a bottle of Resolve. It wasn't the identicle stuff as described in the article, but rarely are products the same both sides of the border. I figured at $5 I didn't have a lot to lose anyway.

The directions say spritz, leave for five minutes, come dry the carpet with damp towel. I use paper towel because I'm lazy. The stains were less after the five minutes, by the time I was done with the cleaning procedure, they were 95% gone. I'm thinking a second treatment will have it 100% gone. If you could have seen this mess, you'd have said "No way."

Yes, way.

Two thumbs up. Non-toxic to animals and cleans up the worst bunny messes from carpet in minutes. I have found my new love in life.


  1. EEEEeeeeeewwwwww .........

    You sure that wasn't a cat what made that mess?

    (Yipee for Resolve and the writeup)

  2. LOL.. That explains it - Fric was really a cat! :)

  3. Good to know, I got rabbit pee everywhere from the little baby buns spraying!

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