Sunday, May 16, 2010

Friday evening my Dad picked Sage and I up for a four day vacation at their lovely home on Vancouver Island. They have a sea view on three sides. They watch cruise ships, eagles, deer, and are twenty minutes from a huge shopping centre. It's a beautiful house in a beautiful place. Mum, while appreciative of my beloved bunny, refuses to let Sage run free. I don't quite blame her; the house is VERY bunny unfriendly. (Or a bunny snack in glory, depending on your point of view. :)

So, we go outside for a romp around the yard, nibble of the scenery and Sage's favourite game of 'Where can I go that the human can't follow?' Which, here, is up steep slopes. Of course, when the human on the end of the leash refuses to go up the steep slope (which I probably couldn't have managed when both legs still worked properly!) she is forced to come to a stop. She's on a fairly long retractable leash, but still, she's on a leash. :)

My little bratty bunny has been eating and drinking fine. Miss Plushie Bunny has even done a nose dive into the water bowl to get her share. But Sage's output has been quite low and after a couple of days I was starting to get concerned. Baby carrot disappeared like magic, grass in seed, too. When I was cleaning her cage this morning, I found she'd been burying her pooties under her hay. She had quite the output, she'd just been having fun making her human worry.

Now, the reality is probably hay is more comfy to lie on when there's not lumpy pooties on top, but I like the conniving, cunning bunny theory better.

This afternoon I'm off to visit my fellow petbunny slaves Lynn, Darin and their kit Caitlyn. Pictures will follow, I'm sure. :)


  1. Sounds like a fun trip! Have a good time :)

  2. Yes - Vancouver Island - nice! You MUST stop trying to figure out bunny logic. Won't happen.