Monday, June 28, 2010

Things I love about my bunny :

  • I love the sound she makes when she goes galloping down the hallway.
  • I love how she guards me from bad dreams at night.
  • I love how she can go from looking interested to "OMG, I can't believe you said that." with just a flick of her ear.
  • I love the silky softness of her white fur in comparison to the coarser silver fur.
  • I love how when I start cleaning HER room she thumps up a fuss and dashes out with footflicks a blazing.. but sneaks back in to give Mr. Broom a hare cut every time I put him down.
  • I love how she supervises me cleaning her litterbox to make sure I do it Just Right.
  • I love how she is the absolute MASTER of passive-aggressive communication.

  • but mostly..

  • I love how she loves me.


  1. You give her a bad rap but Sage sounds like a sweetheart.

  2. LOL.. yes, I like to portray her as a Dutch Diva.. but she's a loving, sweet girl.. when things are going her way :D

  3. Well doesn't THAT just sound like a bunny?