Saturday, April 18, 2009

The New Toy

After my truck was trashed and everything inside stolen from three pennies in the glovebox to both my reading and driving glasses, I've backed up every CD I own. Of course, I own a lot less than I used to. My brother still very carefully doesn't mention the borrowed Shania Twain album he lost to the opportunists. (Note : I have the bestest big brother in the world. He knows I think so, but it never hurts to suck up.. right?)

So today I was creating "Metalliska"which is a collection of 80s hair bands redone by ska bands. I love ska, I love 80s metal, it's a good solid mix. Though, I think I enjoy the ska version of "Kiss me Deadly" better than the original, is that a crime?

This process involved going through the stack of CDs I had on my spindle and identifying which I'd failed to label, which I'd failed to burn and were now bjorked and which were actually blanks. With the true dedication of my neat freak mother, I tossed the dead CDs from the couch and towards the kitchen. After a few clatters and thuds Sage came to investigate what the heck the human was up to now. She sat and watched the flying discs with some fascination before she went to one of the fallen discs and picked it up.

Now, I will admit, for a heartbeat I was hoping she'd play frisbee with me, but alas, bunnies are not dogs. Which is probably a good thing, I never have to bring a bunny outside to potty in a class three storm. No, instead Sage picked up the disc, and it took her a few tries to combine teeth and lips in a manner that would hold the slick plastic, and batted it against the fridge. When this didn't make any satisfying loud noises, she attempted to chew on it. Now, angry bunny teeth can snip a plastic oral syringe so I was a bit concerned until I decided she wasn't going to apply enough force to cause sharp shards. She dropped the disc and gave me a LOOK. Apparently the toys I was having fun with weren't acting for her.

I picked up the latest of the dead discs and winged it towards her. She ran and hid under the kitchen table. Silly rabbit has lived with me for years and still hasn't learnt that the safest place to be is where I'm aiming. She watched the little golden and silver disc fly into the kitchen and then bounce offf a cupboard with a cluttering complaint. She scurried out across the vinyl to pick up the disc and with a toss, it was airborn. She did a binky right then and there. (That's a happy bunny hop with head shake for the non-bunny obsessed.) She'd figured out the toy.

I didn't have much doubt she could, really. This is the bunny who picked up one of my sneakers and winged it at my head when she felt her pellet bowl was approaching 'entirely too empty.' In fact, she's the reason she and Scout got moved to heavy crock bowls. Too many bowls had come dangerously near to wacking me over the years. Sage has a much better aim than me, fortunately, she rarely chooses aerodynammic weapons.

So, as I type this, I have a little silver and white Dutch bunny tossing CDs in the air and scurrying about the vinyl in the kitchen with glee. Easily entertained is a phrase that comes to mind.

She's just so cute. :)

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  1. lorna darling....what incredible bunny stories!! aren't there ANY correlating photos to accompany these rich visuals?!?!? do i need to fly out there with my camera? do i? ; )

    thanks for stopping by!