Monday, August 31, 2009

Olympic Bunny Games.

As we get closer to the winter olympics here in Vancouver/Whistler, Sage and I have been thinking about what would bunnies do in an olympic games.

Now, Sage is pretty sure she can take gold in shoe tossing. She can get shoes all the way from the kitchen into the living room when she's very irritated with the human for putting them in her way. She also does a pretty good dish toss when the human forgets and uses plastic dishware.

Of course, the around the house sprint would be another event. But it would have to be done at 0400 for maximum speed, enjoyment and noise. What would an event be without audience enjoyment? And you need noise and glee for that, right?

Sage isn't much for jumping, but Scout sure could have done the high jump or the long jump. She had quite the pop.

Sage thinks fencing is just silly, why would you want to keep a bunny out of .. Hang on, it's not THAT type of fencing you silly bun. .. .. Having explained the sport to Sage, she now thinks that's even sillier. A good tug-of-war is definitely a better sport.

She also thinks hay-snatch would be good. That's where you speed snatch hay out of your bondmate's mouth and eat it before they can snatch it back. He or She who gets to eat the most of the strand of hay is the winner.

There could be a freestyle binkying event.. and of course, everyone knows bunnies can box. (Eating of as well as batting of paws.)

Obviously bunny olympics would be much more entertaining than those silly human events.


  1. Maybe a cross country event or wrestling with claws covered of course.

  2. I don't think cross country would work hugely well.. unless your bunnies aren't like Sage who disappears into every single bush and bramble to sample what's nom'able.. :)