Monday, November 23, 2009

They're almost Canadian :D

Here's the pictures :D Linda found me, fortunately. The soft sided carrier looked a lot like a normal duffle bag, so I probably wouldn't have spotted her! I wish I'd had time to sit and chat and maybe go for a coffee or tea or whatever, but best to get the bunnies home, and I had a three hour drive ahead of me!

Here's the brothers in my carrier :)

As soon as I put them in the cage in the car, they started bouncing around like they hadn't just spent twelve (plus!) hours in transit. Immediately they started gnawing on hay and drinking from the water bottle. I had two on the cage but forgot to fill one. Good help is so hard to find!

As you can see, they don't seem much traumatized by all the moving around. Or maybe they're just too dazed from all the air time.

"Home Jeeves, and don't forget the Parsley!"

They're already conspiring against me at this point. I thought they wouldn't be particularly thrilled with the I-5. While my little Yaris is a lot more graceful on the bumps than my Sidekick ever was, it's still a bumpy ride and loud kathump, thumps all the way up. Fortunately, they didn't seem to mind listening to the Industrial music I found playing on 89.5 in Seattle. (Wicked station, btw!) Once I lost that station in Everett, the poor boys had to listen to an hour of Depeche Mode till I could pick up 92.9 out of Bellingham.

I stopped for gas north of Mount Vernon, as you can see, both buns were INCREDIBLY traumatized by the journey so far.

The border guard didn't seem at all concerned I was bringing two bunnies back with me. He asked how much I paid for them, I said a tank of gas, a really expensive bag of chips at Sea-Tac airport while I was waiting, and half a bottle of diet 7-up. He waved me through.

The poor buns tho. The cage is a really crappy, cheap, one that I got from Petcetera. It doesn't hold well together and I typically have it held together with bungee cords. Unfortunately, when I was carrying them up the steps (with them hopping around to keep the weight moving, OF COURSE) I dropped the cage. They both just sat stock still as I readjusted the top (which fortunately hadn't come off enough for them to escape) and shoved it in the door. From there it was shove it down the corridor and into the ex-computer room. (I now work from my couch. Its way comfier.)

Here they decided that the place "would do" until they take over Sage's part of the house. (Which would be the master bedroom, corridor, bathroom, dinning room, kitchen and living room.)

Unfortunately, the boys had a tiff tonight and I decided to seperate them, so Sage lost her spare bedroom to Fric.

Mostly she's just been confused by their presence. No aggression on her part, even when Fric or Frac thumped at strange noises in their new house. She spent a few hours last night sitting in the hallway watching them, but that's about it. She's now playing shark in her litterbox.. where she sits staring at me with only her eyes and ears visible over the edge. I better give her treats before she attacks. ;)


  1. Welcome home, Fric and Frac! You're lucky bunnies!

  2. MAybe we "heard" you scoot by! Hi Fric and Frac .. and Sage!

  3. How's Sage doing with her new "brothers"?