Thursday, April 22, 2010

Update from the furry farm.

Or at least, I'm pretty sure the tumbleweeds that go billowing past are fur.

Last week I decided that maybe Sage is lonely. So I brought Miss Plushie Bunny off her shelf and put her in the spare room with Sage. I was three steps down the hallway when Miss Plushie Bunny passed me.

"What are you trying to say, Sage?" I say with some facetiousness. She snorted. I'm fairly sure it was 'Humans are idiots.'

Well, this means war. So Miss Plushie Bunny goes back into the spare bedroom the next time I go past. Miss Plushie Bunny was back in the hallway on my trip back down. Since she was sitting, I took it to mean she hadn't been grabbed by an ear and flung out the door as per previous visit and just shoved out. Miss Plushie Bunny went back into the room.

I put her in the far corner from the door, which is Sage's least favourite corner of the room. There she sat for a couple of days. She didn't eat Sage's dandelions, she didn't use Sage's litterbox, she didn't even start any fights. Then she started moving around the room. Sometimes she's under the table, sometimes she's back in her corner, sometimes she's sitting beside Sage in her favourite lounging spot.

This morning I found her in the computer room, beside the food bowl. I guess she got hungry.

Sage has let me pet her nose four times in the last seven. Obviously Miss Plushie Bunny stole her sanity when she wasn't looking. Poor Sage.


  1. Well - did I or didn't I? Try again anyway ..

    Looks like a nice peace offering there for Sage! Smart!

  2. My neighbours watch me scour the green across the way and my yard for dandelions. It was worse when I had two hungry mouths to supply.. Now once yellow candy season is good to go, my own yard typically keeps Sage's tummy happy. :)

    The neighbourhood kids bring clover and dandelions (leaves and flowers) for her. She has them well trained.. For a few pats they'll pretty much walk on water for her. :D