Monday, July 13, 2009

Audrey checks for Sharks - Day Four

I'd promised Audrey two days ago we'd go down to the river trail and hike along Chilliwack river. The ducks finally lined up on Saturday and off we went! Well, which isn't to say Mr Flapper Duck and his family arrived and literally lined up, it's just a saying. Audrey wants to mention at this point she wants to meet Mr Flapper Duck and see if he grooms as good as another bunny.

Audrey decided the river walk was must more bunny friendly than the hike through the woods as this trail had grass on either side. There were plenty of bushes to hide in that had a plethora of berries to nom. Oh, and not to mention there was water to drink and rest tired paws in!

This is the start of the trail by the Vedder bridge. Typical stuff here, bench to sit on, area to stretch, some no posts to sit on, a map of the area, and the trail length guide that we have Audrey sitting on. :)

We only did the 1.6 km trip there and back. Audrey has little legs and I have a gimpy left leg so it seemed pretty far to the both of us! Along the way we made a few friends and we re-met Flash the super cute Sheltie. Oh, and his human, of course. Audrey managed to escape without getting licked.

We did run into a group of developmentally disabled teens with their guide and they were all very pleased to meet Audrey, a bunny all the way from England! They all were very happy to hold her and have their guide take their pictures with her. They were very enraptured of the magic of a little plush bunny making her way around the world. When we continued on down the trail, and they continued on to the parking lot they all said "Bye Audrey!" a few times. Their guide thanked me for being so patient. Who am I to deny Audrey bringing smiles to people's faces??

Audrey didn't seem much impressed by this stop. She was getting wind in her fur and the sun was awfully hot! (32C, even down by the water)

Audrey kept hopping off this sign to go explore things so I had to hold onto her. For some reason I don't think she was terribly interested in a sign about big trees.

There's benches all along the trail for little bunny legs to rest on. A good memorial, I think, donating to the Rotary to have a bench put down in your name!

Audrey thought this was a great bunny chewing stick and was very disappointed when I said I don't think she'd be allowed to bring it on a plane, not even British Airways.

Audrey was more than happy to sit on the shore and watch me wade in the river to cool off my little footsies. While there are a few bunnies in the world that enjoy swimming, Audrey assured me she wasn't one of them! She was happy to guard my shoes and camera while I did my water walk. :)

And with a final look at the beautiful vista, Audrey and I headed home!


  1. My but Audrey is quite the naturalist! What dandy pictures ....

  2. She's dragging me all over the place. I hear we're going to a local farm tomorrow or the next day! She's a demanding little thing ;)