Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I love Cooper's Foods.

The obligatory grumpy bunny picture. Isn't she just soooo cute?? This has become her newest place to lounge and keep an eye on me. You never know what silly thing a human will get up to, you know.

This evening I went to the new grocery store near (ish) my house. It's called "Cooper's Foods" and is equivible to an IGA or Sobey's. Basically a grocery store with no frills like pharmacy, or photo, or well. Basically it's food. I hadn't thought much of it on my first trip through, it just seemed another grocery store, oh yippeee - I may as well drive the extra five minutes to the larger Save On Foods. (Owned by the same corporation.)

Tonight I decided I'd go find green tea + lemon ice tea mix. I was on a quest. I was going to start at Cooper's and go all the way to Safeway if I had to. I already knew Save-On didn't have it, so really, that just meant Superstore. However, I never made it further than Cooper's. I didn't find the exact product I wanted, but I found close enough. What made me giggle like a school girl, however, was every aisle had a section called 'Natural Foods' that was blatantly marked.

Typically when shopping for gluten free, or dairy free, or organic, you either have to go to the special aisle or just plain hunt through the store. In Cooper's, the "special" food was in with it's normal cousins. ie: Organic soup was in the soup aisle, rice pasta was in with the wheat pasta. It was just in it's own little section of the aisle and blatantly so.

Friday I went shopping with Jamie in Port Coquitlam and kept saying "Arrrrgh, WE don't have this!" Well, looks like I was wrong and just not shopping in the right place. Not only did I find EVERYTHING that had previously caught my eye, but I found even more.

Looks like I'll be doing all my grocery shopping fifteen minutes from home instead of twenty now! I'm a happy, happy girl.

Which means, of course, I'll be pestering Sage less for hugs. It's all about the bunny y'know.

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