Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Audrey & To the Nines - Day Five

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On Sunday evening Audrey joined Wonda and I at a punk show. My friend Chris and his band To the Nines were playing at Cobalt Hotel in Vancouver. The Cobalt is synonomous with 'Pitt of dispair that serves beer.' so Audrey never got far from either one of us!

Here Audrey pops up after trying to figure out the purpose of the game of pool. As far as she can tell the point is to chase balls down the holes and shove them around with her nose. Chris stands here with Wonda, supervising the antics of the little English bunny.

Now, normally people meet myself and Wonda and think Wonda's the GOOD influence. HA. She just LOOKS sweet and innocent! She's really as big a brat as I am! Back in elementary school we were probably as much of bad influences as we were good on each other! Audrey said she'd never heard of cider other than apple, so Wonda let her try the white grape cider. Audrey pronounced it pretty good, I said glacierberry is vastly superior.

Audrey summed up the first act for us as "three people of mixed talent who would sound better if they all played the same songs." I pointed out that I'm not brave enough to get on a stage to attempt to play music, so I can't critize too harshly. She said that getting up on stage doesn't seem so very scary.

So, she batted her baby browns at Chris and he agreed to a little bunny joining them on stage! I didn't realize she knew any punk songs, but duh, she IS an English bunny!

After singing a couple of songs with Lee and Dustin, Audrey moved over to help Justin drum. She observed later that the view from the drum kit was much better than from the amp and the bass drum felt good. Being a sweet, polite underage bunny, I'm not quite sure what she's referring to.

It wasn't a long show, but it was certainly a good show! Audrey agreed that it was worth facing scary hobos, four cockroaches (that were seen!), a bathroom that would scare even Wonder Woman, for a night of bouncing up and down to the product of four talented musicians!

Another trip down the highway, Audrey is becoming quite familiar with this stretch of road! Soon she'll be grumping about the slow spots just like a local!

At 0100 there's not a whole lot open in Chilliwack. After dropping off Wonda to stumble to her bed (since she had to be up for work in five hours!) Audrey and I took stock of our requirements. I need gluten free / dairy fat free, she needs vegetarian. I said 'Vegan?' she said 'please!' What rabbit will pass up a chance at cheese, apparently.. So, we ended up at the local McD's for a nice garden salad.

I crawled in the door at about quarter after one, plunking down a very tired rabbit. McD's salad worked well since I just picked off the cheese and fed them to Sage and Audrey. For some reason Sage seemed to eat more than Audrey.

Mad props go to Chris, Lee, Justin and Dustin (To the Nines) for humouring the insane Valley Girls and allowing the bunny on stage with them! :)


  1. Audrey performed at on stage! Wow, what a talented bun!! Perhaps you should give the bass drum a try, to see what Audrey meant :p

  2. Audrey ... you are almost Canadian now, eh? What a trip you are having!

  3. LOL .. Well, I don't think Justin would be liking my sitting on his drum.. and his girlfriend probably wouldn't like me sitting on Justin.. We'll just have to live vicariously through Audrey ;)

    RG.. I'm thinking of sending her on to Houston after the RCMP Musical Ride on the 2nd. She says she's looking forward to getting her very own cowgirl hat ;)