Sunday, October 3, 2010

Buttons - you stink!

It's no secret my humom reads WOTS of bunny blogs. (See da list below!) An' she eben has made some new friends. (*Waves paw!*) This mornin' she was catchin' up on what all our fwiends had been doing for da weekend. Buttons' humom posted a video of Buttons doing what bunnies do best. (Wookin' cute!)

SHE decided dat SHE needed a hug and snuzzle. As if being cornered and being picked up wasn't bad enough, SHE decided dat my toes needed stealing, my fur needed yanking out and my teefies checked. FANKS BUTTONS.

So she carries me into da wiving room. The Humom turns me onto my BACK and den starts baby talkin' me. Hewwo?! Does dis torture never end?!?! Out come da toe stealers. Chomp. Chomp. Chomp. ALL my toes, she cuts dem right off. Baby talkin' da whole time!

DEN she looks at my tail. My perfect, perfect, perfect tail. She then TOUCHES my tail. Do hoomans have no respect or sense of privacy or sense of decency or sense of smell! Or hearing or.. Well, I coulds go on all day about the deficiencies of da furless two foots. She decides dat the fur is all matty. So she.. she.. she.. CUTS FUR OFF MY TAIL! MY FUR!!! MY TAIL!!!!!

..Buttons stinks. Dis is all HIS fault.


  1. What have we done... :( cuddles = good, fur trim = bad!

  2. Awww.. Skibbles, I'm sowwy for bein' mad. I shoulds know better dan bwame a bunny for human insanity!

  3. Buttons huh? Usually it is Boogey causing trouble! Glad you survived!

  4. Poor you!! Go chomp on all the humom's cords and cables!!

  5. If the human can "groom" you, you can certainly "groom" her and her things. Go to it!

  6. Go after her nicest shoes and purses first, then the cords...

    But Sage, if you kept your tail nice and clean like you know you should, your humom wouldn't have to mess with it... Just saying.