Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sage's Revenge and other things.

Sage took careful note of all the suggestions on how to take revenge on her human. She decided to take "revenge is a dish best served cold" literally. Halfway through the night, she yanked all the bed clothes off the bed.

This is a fairly impressive feat, since she's a 5lb bunny, and I have a queen size bed. She pulled off both comforters AND the duvet. When I woke I figured I'd just kicked them off even though I normally toss them to the other side of the bed. The next night, it got repeated. A little more awake this time, I registered the bunny looking quite smug and lounging on the pile of bed clothes. "Yes Sage, I'm sorry I stole your toes. Quit stealing my covers!"  That just got a bees in bonnet head shake and a half binky as she got off the duvet. Yeah, yeah, love you too, Princess Fluffybutt.

Speaking of her Fluffybutt.. She likes to play in water. Unfortunately, for her, she doesn't then groom after her playing with water.. so her undercarriage tends to get matty. While combing a bunny's belly is a little less dangerous than combing a cat's.. It's still Not Fun.

In other news, I took up knitting again. I haven't knit a thing in 27 years.. but its amazing how much I remember. With minimal reading of instructions, I was off and running. "In goes the needle, around goes the thread, in goes the needle, off with his head!" (Taught to me by nuns!)  My Mum tried to show me how to crochet once, but I'm not getting my head around it. So a trip to the island is in order so she can try again. :)

And while I completely blame a certain needlepointy rabbit slave (You know who I mean!) for the re-addiction, I decided to attempt to relearn on scrap wool, so I posted on Freecycle asking if anyone had any to share. A surprising number of people responded with "Oh sure, some spare needles too!" or "Yeah, I even have some patterns you can have.." or basically any number of ways to add to the addiction. One lady was up the highway 20mins (so a 45m drive) and had a huge bag of wool and things for me. Of course we started talking rabbits and she had to show me her rescues. Over a dozen featheredkids, and five furkids. I fell in love with a little ND. I told her Scout stories, I resisted asking her for him, and went home.

The entire drive home I thought of him. I asked Sage if she wanted a boyfriend. (She thumped and ran away, I figured she was just playing coy.) I talked it over with friends. I thought of it overnight and in the morning phoned the lady. Before I could even ask about stealing him, she started gushing that she'd sat him on the back of the couch like I'd said I'd done with my Scout and he immediately rubbed his head against her cheek and meatloafed beside her. She added, just like my ND, he was happiest when he could see her eyes. .. And she's fallen in love with the little guy who is a foster no longer.

So, little ND is happy, Sage is happy, Mom has to deal. But at least the covers are staying on my bed.


  1. Perhaps Sage will need to do a softness comparison between a duvet and a nice woolly pile of deconstructed knitting. Revenge can be a long term project.

  2. Ahem. You can stop giving my bunny ideas any day now..!