Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dearest Hef!


*Scuffs floor with forepaw*

'Scuses me Hef.. I knows your hoomans are currently away.. so you're a bit busy.. but I was wonderin'.. if you had plans for Hallowe'en yet?

Y'see the Pet Bunny mailing list buns have a Hallowe'en party every year. An' its wots and wots of fun. There's games, and food and food and food and singing and story telling and food. You can get there by magic carpet or closet portal or even ride a dragon if you're feeling brave! (I go by closet portal.) You gets to dress up! I was thinking of being a penguin or Bugs Bunny or .. okay, I haven't decided at all yet.

Anyways - I was wonderin' if maybe you would be my date? I pwomise to have you home before beds time and not drink too much carrot-shine.


  1. Well how can Hef decline a woman so brave as to ask him out on her very public blog? He would love to go! I dare say he doesn't like the idea of being at home with all the noisy doorbell ringing and yelling kids!
    I signed up for the bunny mailing list as well so we can learn about it!

  2. What bun wouldn't want to escape the humans' Hallowe'en noise? I wish I had a closet portal too! Have a good time!

  3. hehehe. You're so cute. But weren't you just hitting on Chico not too long ago...?

    Kids these days.

  4. You's could come too Pumpkin! Any bunny named Pumpkin deserves a hallowe'en party!

    And Aunty Wisa! A girl can have more dan one bunfriend!

  5. Hope you have fun ;) I also think Sage is a brave bunny for asking :)